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Forget the Grand National – it’s all about Boris, Ken and Ian

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with Ian Bowler let me enlighten you.

Sir Ian (as he likes to be known), MP for Buckland and Ruttington, has been making youtube videos for several years to gain credence with the masses and promote transparency in politics. This year he decided to go a step further, allowing cameras into the dark recesses of his life to document his Mayor of London campaign.

Ian’s webisodes can be followed on his blog in the run up to the big day on May 3rd. As we all know, it’s a two-horse race, so will you be voting for him or the gay policeman?

Getting up close and personal, Finite Funnies will be updating you on all the recent events of his campaign with an access all areas insight into Sir Ian’s personal and professional life. To get you in the mood here’s his CAMPAIGN BROADCAST

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