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Edinburgh Picks 2012 – The Best of the Fest

Its nearly August and, amidst the widespread Olympic panic (oh god how will I get to work? The WHOLE WORLD is going to be using the tube at the SAME TIME), us arty farty creative comedy loving types are trawling hostel websites and pricing up a trip to the Edinburgh Fringe…I’ve been saving for months.

And it is the job of the blogger to sift through that colossal program and pick out the absolute must-sees. It’s a tough job but someone has got to do it. Out of all the high calibre, excellent comedy shows this year, these are my best of the fest x

Totally Tom
Where?  Underbelly – Bristo Square
When? 1 – 27th August at 18.40

I have caught countless shows from Totally Tom this year. It’s an obsession. I’m addicted to the laughter. My favourite break out act of the year, Totally Tom is on the up and, I suspect, hitting a TV screen near you very soon.

Totally Tom – High Renaissance Man Part 1

Daniel Kitson – Where Once Was Wonder
Where? The Stand Comedy Club
When? 5th – 26th August at 23.59

I have only seen Daniel Kitson live a handful of times. Reasons for this are 1) he sodded off to Australia for ages 2) he’s a hermit genius who does not do enough shows to satisfy an enormous demand and 3) when he does do shows, they sell out immediately and I am simply not powerful enough in the comedy world to get my hands on tickets.

All this I can forgive, though, as Daniel is my favourite comedian of all time. The stolen few times I have been privy to his ramblings have been amongst the happiest and fun filled of my life. Big love.

Daniel Kitson at the Melbourne Gala


Vikki Stone – Hot Mess
Where: Underbelly
When: 1st – 26th August at 20:10

Its no secret we love Vikki at Finite towers. Back in December we produced a music video for her and she is simply beautiful, incredibly talented and, above all, very very funny. Her talent will astound you. It’s a must!

Vikki Stone – The Phillip Schofield Song

Sam Simmons – About The Weather
Where: Gilded Balloon Teviot
When: 1 -26 August at 21:15

One of my personal favourites but what an audience divider! When I saw his show at the Soho Theatre, half the room were crying with laughter (I was in actual pain and genuinely struggling to draw breath. Quite dangerous actually) and the other half didn’t get it at all.

I highly recommend giving the utterly absurd a go at this year’s fringe and make Sam a must see. If you are part of my humour camp then you will not be disappointed. If you don’t like it, you know what you can do.

Sam Simmons – Live at the Melbourne Gala

Humphrey Ker – Dymock Watson, Nazi Smasher
Where: Pleasance Dome
When: 7 – 14th August at 23:10

Another chance to see Humphrey’s one man show that won him the Fosters Best Newcomer award last year. He is only there for a week and it’s sure to be a sell out. Don’t let his good looks get in the way. He really is very funny. I predict movie stardom for Humphrey. He should write a movie and star in it. I’d totally watch that.

Humphrey Ker – History is Now

Loretta Maine – Bipolar
Where: Just the Tonic at The Caves
When: 2 – 26th August at 18:00

Pippa Evans’ nutcase Courtney Love-esq character Loretta Maine is returning to the fringe. One of the most talented character actresses on the circuit, Pippa made an excellent cameo in Finite’s web series Sir Ian Bowler’s Electile Dysfunction. I was on set with this wonderful lady and found it extremely hard to keep my laughter to myself out of the way of the sound guy as I listened to her improvises.

Loretta Maine at Chortle Fast Fringe

Tony Law – Maximum Nonsense
Where? The Stand Comedy Club
When? 1st-27th August, Times Vary

Tony Law is a little different to most comedians. He doesn’t make a whole lot of sense actually. It doesn’t matter though as his nutty musings make for a great show. Five stars!

Tony Law on Russell Howard’s Good News

Daniel Simonsen – Champions
Where? Pleasance Courtyard
When? 1- 27th August, 19:00

Norway isn’t renowned for its calibre of comedians.  Fleeing his native Norway for sheer lack of comedy clubs, Daniel has made quite the splash on the circuit this past year. We are glad he did. Norway’s loss is the comedy world’s gain. A surprising talent. Go check him out!

Daniel Simonsen: Live on Russell Howard’s Good News

There are literately hundreds of amazing acts this year that it is impossible to give them all a nod. I can’t wait to get up there and find out who/what it is everyone is talking about. It is gearing up to be a special fringe. Can’t wait!

Taking  a comedy show to the Fringe? Tell us about it! x

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