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Mind Your Language

Here’s a new video from Oz comedian Sam McMillan aka Sammy J in which he reflects on social attitudes to swearing. The song is part of his new album Skinny Man Modern World, which can be found on itunes.

McMillan says he gave himself his nickname during his school days whilst trying to “manufacture a bit of popularity”. I knew several boys who did that in school and with the right tenacious attitude it can work. To this day Andrew is known as Dragon Andy and Kristopher as Kippy. As you can imagine, their popularity soared on World of Warcraft.

Back to Sammy J. In 2006 he won Best Newcomer at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and in 2008 collaborated with puppeteer Heath McIvor on the musical “Sammy J and the Forest of Dreams” which according to Wikipedia was an adult fairy tale parodying Disney. Bring it on!

It went on to be nominated for a Barry Award  and was followed in 2010 with their new production, Ricketts Lane. This won the Most Outstanding Show Barry Award and it’s sequel in 2011 Bin Night was also well-received. Sammy J and McIvor continue to perform on a number of Australian TV shows including Good News World

The clip was shot and edited by Evan Munro Smith

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