Sir Ian Bowler’s Electile Dysfunction: Episode 1

Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the making of Sir Ian Bowler’s campaign video.

With this year’s Mayor of London elections being described as “dark and negative” by front runner Ken Livingstone, all was looking fairly miserable over at the GLC until the  the egregiously colourful Sir Ian Bowler entered the arena.

Whilst Boris and Ken buck and bray over the same mare (geddit), Sir Ian has taken a grassroot approach.  With his back to the City and his face to the voters, he proved that even a flash-bout of IBS would not stop him from being available to the public at all times. Lucky Lady Thames. Vote Bowler – the lesser of three evils. (Maybe 9)

#MayorBowler2012 @sirianbowlermp

Sir Ian Bowler: Natt Tapley
Declan Harding: Darren Strange
CJ: Rhona Croker
Brenda: Zoe S Battley
Writer: Nathaniel Tapley
Director: Henry Naylor
Editor: Joe Wilby

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