Underperforming: Interview with Writer/ Director Sam Hoare

Check out the Trailer for new Comedy Pilot “Underperforming” co-written by  and starring Sam Hoare and Steven Cree. We caught up with co-writer/director Sam Hoare for a chat about the show….

What’s Underperforming about?

Underperforming is about two struggling actors that have become unlikely friends, brought together by their inability to let go of their ever failing dreams for stardom and success.

Are you and Stephen (your co-writer) like the characters you play?

Well I’m quite posh and Steven is quite Scottish! There are definitely elements of both of us in them, mainly for Steven who in real life is a rude, grumpy, pervert. That’s just a joke obviously. Kind of.

 Underperforming is about two struggling actors. But you guys seem very busy – what have you been up to this year?

I have been mainly wearing tweed in period dramas. I played the lead alongside Matt smith in ‘Bert and Dickie’ and am now doing Stephen Poliakoff’s 5-part drama ‘Dancing on the edge’. Steven seems to have done about 20 films this year but is currently doing a very well reviewed show at the Sheffield Crucible.

We’ve all heard about the kind of nightmare audition Michael has in this episode. What was your worst ever audition?

So many to choose from! Probably the one that required me to paint a boat but do it very ‘sexily’. They provided a roller painter and kept saying ‘sexier’. I think I started bending over and pretending to paint my bum. I didn’t get the part.

How did Michael Beckley – Rhys from Home and Away – become involved? 

He’s a good friend of Stevens and sportingly agreed to do it. He was really good fun and didn’t mind sending himself up.

Who would be your all time favourite person to live with from Neighbours / Home and Away?

 I don’t actually watch them very often but I think living with Kylie Minogue, could be fun. Mainly so if the toilet got blocked I could leave a note saying ‘especially for you’.

In the pilot Ted and Michael serenade one another in some late night home karaoke. What have you found yourself crooning to at 3am? 

Steven and I first really bonded singing a whole new world together at a late night karaoke bar. He was Jasmine I was Aladdin. We both thought it would be funny but that we would be quite good too. We were wrong on both counts.

The full pilot is available to watch on youtube here. Look out for an old favourite Home and Away character.

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