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Set in Yorkshire, 22 years after the plug was pulled on British wrestling on TV, a band of brothers will squeeze into their leotards for one final rumble. Dealing with the highs and lows of everyday life through the boston crab and the half nelson, the wrestlers will find themselves, one another and they will never say die.

In the traditions of ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Pet’, ‘The Full Monty’, ‘Brassed Off’, ‘Phoenix Nights’ and ‘World of Sport’; ‘Walk Like A Panther’ blends comedy, heartfelt drama and ill-fitting lycra.

Over two decades ago, on every Saturday, of every week, every great British household would come together as one. At four o’ clock in the afternoon, the nation would be unified in their support of great and fearsome warriors. Many were loved, few were loathed – all were heroes. British Wrestling took place in a world where only the strongest survived – and to survive you had to ‘Walk Like A Panther’.

Sadly, those days are long gone… until now.

Starring: Warren Brown, Adam Fogerty, Steve Furst, Stephen Graham, Jill Halfpenny, Jessica Hall, Stephen Marcus, Barbara Marten, Tom Meighan, Vicky McClure, Ian Mercer, Sean Pertwee, Drew Schofield, Hannah Walters.

Written and Directed by Dan Cadan.

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