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The Feral Pigeons at the Leicester Square Theatre

The Feral Pigeons

So I spent last night at the merciless hands of The Feral Pigeons at the Leicester Square Theatre. Knowing very little about this up-and-coming troupe, it made it all the more gratifying to discover a hilarious mock-panto set up (strictly for adults!) excellently executed by trio of extremely talented character performers with side-splitting jokes and songs. LOVED it!  Thank you Pigeons!

I will leave you with this poignant lyric from the show …Is it necrophilia if its just a kiss? Indeed. Food for thought right there.

The Feral Pigeons are Jasmine Jones, Benedict Hopper and Gabriella Best. Go see them post haste!!

Meanwhile follow them on twitter @theferalpigeons or check out their website

“A ridiculous romp, perfectly engineered, masquerading as a haphazard school play…half bonkers, half pure genius, thoroughly recommended” –

“Subtle this show is not. Absolutely bloody hilarious it most emphatically IS.” – Londonist

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