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The Key of Awesome

TKOA is a comedy web series that has been watched over 600 million times on the internet. Wowsers! It was started by Ben Relles and Mark Douglas on the Barely Political website in 2009, and has since moved over to YouTube along with a whole bunch of other comedy web series. So what’s their secret to internet domination?

Using¬†the sublime pairing of popular culture and parody, the series takes the michael out of all that’s #trending from Katie Perry to Adele and One Direction. The show’s first big hit, Ke$ha, Glitter Puke, was the second most viewed video of 2010 and has since collected over 90 million hits. The secret of a good parody? Keep it as close to the original as you can, changing one or two words per line to make the new meaning very silly indeed – see their take on Rihanna’s We Found Love and Maroon 5’s Move Like Jagger.

Now to get to work on Jessie J’s back catalogue!

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