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The Unexpected Items, Gap Yah Afterparty

Sequel to the sketch ‘Gap Yah’. Orlando is back from his gap yah and is now much more socially awah.

About The Unexpected Items

The Unexpected Items are an award winning sketch comedy group comprised of Tom Williams, Matt Lacey, Adam Reeve and Sophie Alderson. Formed in 2009, they became internet sensations when one of their sketches, “Gap Yah”, went viral. Gaining millions of views online and nationwide media coverage, the video was named “Homegrown Hit of the Year” by YouTube.

The group had a fantastic debut year at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, frequently selling out their 150 seat venue, and gaining numerous excellent reviews. They built on that success with another hugely popular and critically acclaimed show at the 2011 Edinburgh festival.

The Unexpected Items now have over 6 million views and nearly 2,000 subscribers to their channel, along with over 12,000 followers between them on twitter. They have produced material for BBC Comedy, Comedy Central and Channel 4, alongside performing all around the country to huge crowds and at Glastonbury and Latitude festivals.


Twitter: @unexpecteditems


Produced and Directed by VMproductions & The Unexpected Items.

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