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Totally Tom: High Renaissance Man Part 3

A sad tale of failure and betrayal.

About Totally Tom

If you were to mix the friendship of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley and the sexual tension of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley you’d get something close to Totallytom.

Both have been best friends since the events of 9/11, in which by sheer coincidence neither of them were involved. It wasn’t long before they found out they had the same name, and after one hilarious mix up during a class roll call, they realized comedy was their calling. The teachers soon accused them of using sarcasm as a means of defence, the two claim this is highly plausible (not!). Like many boys their age they soon became older.

Having spent seven years in Tibet honing their skills the two returned and devised their Youtube debut High Renaissance Man. Following its success they made the markedly less popular Dance for Treedom (too left-wing-spiritual). Their live sketch show sold out throughout 2010 and the two continue to write and perform fresh material at the rate of liquid speed.


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