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Funnies at the Fringe

So I managed to make it up to the Fringe this year but alas I couldn’t stay the duration (sob) but what a fantastic time I had. I saw some old favourites (Sam Simmons, Totally Tom) but, really, I was there to check out the newbies. I wasn’t disappointed. This is a great fringe for new original talent.

So here are my picks of the fresh new shows on the fringe and who I think we shall be seeing a lot more of on the circuit and in our living rooms.

Rob Beckett

Who? You may recognise Rob as the unlikely psycho from Channel 4’s Fresh Meat. In reality, Rob is a very charming smiley fellow and he is very very funny.

What? His festival show is Summer Holiday and it is basically his musings about what a lucky chap he is. Indeed.

Where? Rob Beckett’s Summer Holiday is at the Pleasance Courtyard 1 – 27th August at 6pm. Tickets from £5

The Rubberbandits

Who? A couple of strange men who wear plastic bags on their heads who recently had a viral hit with their song “Black Man”. Off the back of a successful comedy blap with Channel 4, they are now developing a TV pilot.

What? Blindboy Boat Man and front man Mr Chrome describe their show as “a cross between a rave and a dog let loose in the back of a car”. Hmm that sums it up.

Where? The Rubberbandits are playing the Gilded Balloon Teviot 8th – 26th August at 10:30pm. Tickets from £10

Dan Wright

Who? You may recognise Dan as his face has already been on the TV a fair bit. He presents CBBC’s Big Cook, Little Cook (great program) ad BBC Three’s Fuck Off I’m Ginger.

What? His show Michael Jackson Touched Me is a tale of Dan’s obsession with MJ. He believes the media wrongly portrayed his idol and Dan has made it his mission to clear his name.

Where? Dan Wright’s Michael Jackson Touched Me is on at the Gilded Balloon Teviot 1 – 26th August at 9.30pm

Daniel Simonsen

Who? So I have already seen Daniel in London and loved his show. He truly is fabulous and original. I had to give him an honourable mention. It is his first festival after all and I predict a glittering career ahead…

What? Edinburgh Festival Magazine describes this show as “offbeat observations derived from a foreigners perspective”

Where? Pleasance Courtyard 1 – 27th August 7pm. Tickets from £5

Hanks and Conran

Who? There has been a bit of a buzz about this pairing. They didn’t disappoint. You may see them on the circuit supporting good friend Sarah Millican.

What? A female Morcambe and Wise-esq double act. Quality stand up with a touch of variety.

Where? Hanks and Conran – Pigs in Blankets. Just the Tonic at the Caves. 2nd- 26th August at 5.20pm.

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